Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

The surfaces of the majority of swimming pools in Singapore are made out of either plaster or tile. Both of these surfaces have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cleaning. There is a common misconception among pool owners that have tiles lining their pool surface that they are easy to clean.

That is hardly the case and that is why many private and commercial swimming pool owners in the Singapore area call us to take care of their swimming pool and pool tile cleaning needs.

One of the biggest problems with keeping tile clean is the grout that fills in the gaps between tiles and helps keep it securely in place. Although the grout appears to be smooth it is actually very porous and is full of tiny holes throughout it.

These holes are perfect places for mold and mildew to accumulate and grow especially in the small sections of tiles that are above the fill line in your swimming pool.

Even your pool tile surface itself, although given the appearance of being smooth, actually has places that dirt and other contaminants can become trapped and unsightly.

Why Hire a Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning Service to Clean Your Pool’s Tile?

Dull, unclean tile can really take away from your swimming pools beauty. You can’t use blasting with a pressure washer to make the surface of your pool tile look good because it can harm the surface structure and then you will need to repair it.

Not to mention that with the swimming pool being full of water you can’t access the entire surface anyway. That is why a well-equipped and experienced professional pool company like ours is best able to handle your pool tile cleaning.

We carry special chemicals that are designed to remove such things as dirt and calcium off your pool tiles and at the same time will not hurt your pool waters delicate balance. These chemicals contain no harsh acids either so they are completely safe for your swimming pool tile surface.

They will not harm the grout around the tile either. Our pool service professionals even know how to treat the pool the night before the cleaning to make sure even the most stubborn stains and surface contaminants will come off your pool tile.

When You Need Your Swimming Pool Tile Cleaned Call a Pro

There is no reason to ever again spend hours of time scrubbing your tile and grout to make it look shine. We can handle that job for you in a safe and very effective manner. You would be amazed what just a little bit of a specialty chemical can do for your swimming pool tile when applied by hand or with a specialty brush.

After just a few hours work your swimming pool tile will look new again and it will be done at a price that is much more affordable than you might think.

So the next to time you need your swimming pools tile surface cleaned, give us a call and you will get the peace of mind that it will get done right.