Swimming Pool Algae Cleaning

If you live in Singapore there is nothing better than owning a swimming pool at your home. After all, the heat and humidity here can be almost unbearable much of the year round. This heat and humidity will not only play a part in your body temperature going up but it will also attack the very water in your swimming pool at the same time.

If this happens without your swimming pool water being properly maintained it could cause your pool water to turn green and end up costing you some significant swim time.

What is the best way to prevent a dreaded algae bloom in your swimming pool? The answer to that is by hiring our Singapore pool maintenance service to take care of your swimming pool for you.

Here are the two ways we will help control algae buildup in your swimming pool:

  • Preventing Algae Growth

Algae, bacteria and other contaminants are always present in your swimming pool water. The trick is keeping them at a level where they do not grow rapidly or cause other health concerns. That is done through proper water sanitation and filtering.

A pool pro that works for us will know all the ways to control algae growth in your swimming pool. They will keep your chemicals properly balanced, occasionally shock the pool with chlorine and add other chemicals too such as algae growth inhibitors. They will also maintain the filtration system properly so it is always working at peak capacity too.

  • Resolving a Problem Algae Bloom

If your swimming pool water does turn green we know the steps it takes to rid of the algae and get it back clear so you don’t lose much swim time.

This basically is done in 3 parts that our pool professionals are excellent at doing.

  • Super Chlorinate Your Pool Water

Super chlorinating your swimming pool is important to kill the excess amount of algae that is blooming in your swimming pool. Once the chlorine level is increased you will see it immediately turn the pool water a cloudy, milky color as it starts to work.

  • Increase Filtration Time

With all that dead algae floating in your pool it must filtered 24 hours a day to get all the algae out of it. Our professional pool service techs will even make sure your filter is cleaned before and after the process and your swimming pool filtration system is in good working order too.

  • Balance the Swimming Pool Water and Rid it of Contaminants

Many swimming pool owners in Singapore are under the common misconception that only Chlorine is needed to treat algae growth; this could not be further from the truth. Phosphates and other contaminants must be gotten rid of because they can significantly contribute to algae growth. Proper PH balance is also important in controlling algae growth.

There are a lot of benefits to hiring our Singapore professional pool maintenance service and the control of algae buildup in your swimming pool is one of the more important things we can do for you.