Swimming Pool Service And Repair Singapore

Is Your Swimming Pool Getting Out Of Shape?

There can be a myriad of problems that can happen to your pool. You may be familiar with pool aging, tiles coming loose, cracks forming on the pool tiles, diving board and pool lines. Not forgetting some malfunctioning pool filters, pool heaters and pool pumps. These individual systems work cohesively and inter-dependently to provide your swimming pool users with a holistic and wonderful swimming experience. Even if one of these systems are out of order, the entire experience for the customer will be compromised.

What Happen To Badly Maintained Pool?

Aside from the fact that it reduces the aesthetic appeal of the pool, it can also pose potential hazards to your swimmers as the sharp tiles can cut the soles of their feet. Bleeding in the pool could also cause further complications. Cracked tiles could also cause seepage of other unwanted chemicals and minerals from the plastering and contaminate the water in the swimming pool.

Where To Look For Help?

At Pool Maintenance Singapore, we are always around to readily solve any of these maintenance problems for you, should they surface. We provide professional repair of chipped, broken or cracked pool tiles for all types of pools, be it in the comfort of your own home or a swimming complex for public usage.

Tiles Replacement

We have a variety of different kinds of tiles, from mosaic to plain designs to offer you a plethora of options if you wish to change the flooring of your pool. If you simply wish to replace a few specific tiles, we also can customise the size and colour of the tile to fit in with the inherent colour and sizes of your tiles.

Filter Replacement

Besides replacing broken or cracked tiles, our company also specialises in the installation and replacement of pool filters, pool heaters, chlorinators and pool pumps.

Filtration and chlorination of the pool is of utmost importance to sieve out pool debris and kill microorganisms and bacteria that are harmful to our bodies. In addition, it also helps to filter out larger sized particles such as sand, so that the pool will be cleaner, clearer and will run a lesser risk of water contamination.

We have both sand, cartridge and DE filters available to suit your pool needs. The pool pump also plays an integral role in maintaining the quality of water by keeping the water in constant motion so that algae and bacteria is hindered from growing on pool surfaces. 

All these systems share a symbiotic relationship to ensure that your pool functions to its optimum level- we cannot and should not compromise on any of these components.

Even if your pool ladder is damaged or missing a step, we can help you replace and repair your ladder as well!

Why Pool Maintenance Singapore?

We want to provide the best experience for your swimming pool users. We only employ experienced professionals and you can rest assured knowing that the condition of your pool is in our good hands.