Swimming Pool Maintenance Companies

Why People Fall Sick After Visiting Swimming Pool?

Any unbalanced, unsterilised and unclean swimming pools actually pose a myriad of health problems and diseases to its users. Thus, swimming pool maintenance companies are of utmost importance service for pools at home. Especially in public swimming complexes, where there are a multitude of people using the pool at one time, every single day.

The repercussions of an individual coming down with a health issue could be multiplied by the sheer number of users swimming in the same pool water. That leads to the possibility of facing multiple lawsuits or having people boycott your pool is entirely undesirable. Besides, swimming pool maintenance qualifications are very important to ensure your pool is properly taken care of.

Where Is Your Solution?

At PoolMaintenace Singapore, we strive to provide you with the best service for swimming pool maintenance, cleaning and design located right here in the sunny island of Singapore.

Our pool cleaning and maintenance consists of balancing, sterilising and cleaning the pool. This is to remove bacteria, dirt and unwanted chemicals to provide the optimum healthy swimming conditions for your swimmers. A balanced pool is a well-chlorinated pool. Not too much, not too little, but just right. They know the perfect combination and amount of chlorine to be dissolved in your pool so that the pH of your pool will be perfect.

If the pool water is imbalanced, the chlorine will be unable to kill the germs and bacteria to its maximum effect.  The pH environment cannot be too alkaline or acidic, in order to protect swimmers’ eyes and skin. The pH level will also prevent corrosion on the walls, lighting and ladder of the swimming pool. A well balanced pool can help you save on the service and repair costs of your pool.

What Make Us Different?

The conventional way of chlorinating your pool from most of the swimming pool maintenance companies can be done by sprinkling the chlorine powder directly into the water, or dissolving a chlorine tablet into the pool.

However, irregular chlorination may cause the pool to be too acidic or too alkaline. Furthermore, if your pool is located outdoors, occasional rainfall can deplete the sanitiser in your pool and alter the pH of the water. If you are considering upgrading your pool or making one, you would like to consider PoolMaintenace Singapore’s automated chlorine system.

The system has sensors to detect the chlorine levels in the pool and automatically add chlorine to the pool when the chlorine levels deplete. All you have to do is to constantly top up the chlorine system. You can kill two birds with one stone, ie ensure that your pool is always balanced and you do not have to constantly sprinkle chlorine into the pool.

Both you and your swimmers reap all the benefits.

Our Additional Value Propositions

We are one of the swimming pool maintenance companies Singapore that sells and provides services of their automated pool tile cleaners. Certainly you would want your swimming pool to be aesthetically pleasing too. Tiles that are grimy and stained certainly do not add to that image!

We carry many different models of our underwater tile cleaners and are easy to operate. Our machines have many different modes for different types of cleaning, better modes for tougher stains and more.

We have cleaning robot models that are heavy duty workers that are able to clean any surface- vertical, horizontal or curved. No matter the shape, size or form of your pool, we have the solution for you.

Your Pool Best Buddy!

You do not need to search far and wide to find the best, most cost-effective and efficacious solution for your pool in Singapore. PoolMaintenace Singapore strives to provide you with the best pool maintenance companies in Singapore. For more information :

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