Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning


The Utmost Importance in Pool MaintenanceSwimming Pool Filter Cleaning

Swimming pool filters are an essential component for the maintenance of your swimming pool. The pool filters, pumps , robot cleaners and chlorination systems work together in tandem to ensure that your pool is not a breeding ground for large amounts of harmful bacteria and algae. It is imperative that none of these components are damaged, clogged or worse, absent. Highest standards of sanitation and cleanliness are one’s utmost priority when managing a pool to ensure that its users do not fall ill or trigger any existing health issues.


Type Of Pool Filtration Systems

Swimming pool filtration systems come in various forms, namely the Sand, Cartridge and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters. We will now run you through all the advantages and disadvantages, uses as well as a few miscellaneous details you may wish to note. The swimming pool filter is part of an entire system consisting of the pumps, heaters and chlorinators.

The pool pump sucks in water from the pool and is filtered to remove any large and small debris in the water. The water is then channelled towards the heater to set its desired temperature and soon after treated by chlorine before channelling the clean and debris-free water back to the pool.

Sand Filters Maintenance

Sand filter is able to trap most types of large debris. It works by having water running through a column of filter sand. Only the water is able to pass straight through the filter and the larger debris are trapped on the surface or in between the filter sand.

However, the filter sand can be clogged with debris from the pool water and as a result, impedes the flow of the water through the filter. When clogging is present, one must manually clean the filter. We need to do backwashing- running it in the opposite direction and getting rid of the dirty water. Switching it back to rinse mode will re-compact the sand and putting it to filter will reset the filter to its original function.

If you find that your filter sand is extremely dirty, we can replace it for you easily- at a low cost. However, the disadvantage of using a sand filter is that smaller particles that are finer than the filter sand are still able to pass through the filter.

Cartridge Filters Maintenance

Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning -2Cartridge filters are the economical solution to your filter needs. The water simply flows through a filter membrane and the particles that are too large to flow through the membrane are retained by the filter, allowing just the water to pass through.

It holds a significant advantage over the sand filter in that it can span a larger filter area, reducing the rate of clogging and in turn the frequency of replacing the filter. In addition to that, the membrane is able to filter out some types of small debris that are able to pass through the sand filter.

At Pool Maintenance Singapore, we carry many effective filters that are lower in price but less effective as well as ones whose costs are dearer for increased durability and effectiveness.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter Maintenance

Diatomaceous earth (DE) filter acts like a very fine sieve to filter out the smallest of pool debris. The filter area of the DE lies in between that of sand and cartridge, but its true beauty shines in its filtration strength.

It comes in an extremely fine powder that originates from fossilised skeletons of diatoms. Why is it so suitable for filtration? Their porous bone material in their skeletons can filter out particles of sizes even up to 5 microns. It is utilised by covering a fabric-covered filter grid that prevents seepage of the DE entering the pool.

Maintaining the filter uses a familiar and aforementioned method of backwashing and simply refilling it with DE powder.

Now as a well-informed customer, the choice is yours. Engage our cleaning swimming pool filter services today because here at Pool Maintenance Singapore, we share the same burden and sentiment as you and strive to keep your pool clean and sanitary.