Swimming Pool Draining Service

Swimming pools in Singapore take a whole lot of wear and tear over the years to say the least; and that holds true whether your swimming pool is a residential or a commercial pool. They are very hard to keep clean when things such as acid rain, constant sun and large bather use are always acting upon them.

Over time your swimming pool’s surface will get worn, stained and faded; this can happen even if your filter is kept clean and your chemicals are kept properly balanced. When this happens you may want us to come and drain your swimming pool for you to do one of several different types of periodic swimming pool surface maintenance that we offer.

Why Should A Homeowner Or Non-Pool Professional Never Drain Their Swimming Pool?

Even if you get the urge to drain your swimming pool yourself to do something like scrub embedded green algae of the pool walls, we would highly advise you against this. Why you might ask? It’s because draining a swimming pool is not the simple task it seems to be. There is a hydro-static valve built into the bottom drain of each concrete or tile inground pool; it acts as a safety to keep the water pressure in the ground from collapsing the walls of your swimming pool when it’s drained.

A pool pro knows how to make sure that hydro-static valve is working properly before the pool is completely emptied. In a city with a high ground water table like Singapore this is vital to keeping your pool from collapsing unnecessarily.

Reasons it’s Necessary for US to Periodically Drain Your Swimming Pool

Here are some of the main services we provide when your swimming pool is drained:

·         Thorough Scrubbing

Stains, algae build up and chemical discoloration are common on tile and concrete swimming pools. A good brushing with a light chemical wash can often times make its surface look brand new.

·         Acid Wash

If scrubbing the inside of your swimming pools surface does do the trick then acid washing it is a great option too. This will actually strip a microscopic layer of the pools surface off and leave it shiny and new looking.

·         Plaster Repairs

It is not uncommon for cement walled pools plaster surface to become cracked, bubbled or separated from its backing. When this happens that area of plaster or even all the plaster on your pool may need replacing.

·         Painting

Plaster that becomes worn and faded can really make a swimming pool look very unsightly. But many people choose to have us simply paint the surface of their pool to make it look good instead of re-plastering it. Painting is a much less expensive option than re-plastering your pool.

Call Us to Handle Your Pool Draining Needs

Don’t take chances and drain your swimming pool yourself. There is no reason to do this when our skilled pool professionals are at your service and much more affordable than you may realize.

So give us a call and we would be happy to give you information and pricing on how we can drain your swimming pool and get its interior back to looking new for you.