Swimming Pool Design Service

Whether you are a homeowner or occupying a rented property and thinking of getting pool facilities for your next renovation project, the fact remains.

Planning and installing a swimming pool in your condo, building, garden, backyard or even indoors can be as exciting as taking a plunge off a beach with friends in summer but also as frustrating as getting chlorine treated water into your nose after that plunge.

This is due to the necessary paperwork, design limitations, safety precautions, and what not. To ease this, it’s best to work with experienced professionals in the industry.

Experience, Creative Pool Design Service

At Pool Maintenance Singapore, we also provide swimming pool design service.

Our experienced contractors, technicians and designers work closely with you, merging their expertise and your dreams to make your dream come true. We are bringing innovative and practical solutions while ensuring the process and results of highest standards.

Also, with the use of modern, competent, and practical technology and equipment, we can help you visualise and realise your plans!

With a vast portfolio of awards and projects ranging from private tubs to commercial and residential swimming complexes, our experience gives us the distinct advantage to offer you designs and plans.

Installation & Design

Looking to build an in-ground or above ground pool? Or are you looking for something cool, new, and innovative like a hidden pool? Look no further, your aquatic paradise starts here!

Click here to view a photo gallery and testimonials of some of our projects and  ideas.

Our pools come generally in rectangular or circular designs but they can also be custom made to suit your needs, lifestyle preferences and dreams. This includes detailed pool features such as waterfalls and fountains.

A well designed pool will be a fish out of water if it doesn’t fit it’s landscape plans. Hence, we readily provide clients with consultation advice on landscape remodelling if requested. We will recommend landscaping contractors that could turn your plot of land into the oasis of your dreams or create your very own Garden of Eden.

Here are some of some pool design ideas available…

In-ground pools


These are the most popular and common type of pools among homeowners and business owners. Be it olympic sized pools, round, or custom shaped pools, you often see them in swimming  complexes, hotels, clubhouses, and commercial pools.

Generally made of concrete, fibreglass, or with vinyl liners, these pools are the made with a longterm structure in mind. Installation tends to take longer than above-ground pools (with concrete pools the longest) due to the need to excavate the ground.

Above-ground pools


These are the most popular typically amongst people living on rented property, or those who do not want to dig up their land. Easy and quick to install and tear down, this cheaper alternative is often made of fibreglass or vinyl and not meant to last a lifetime. Note that you may want to build an elevated deck with this pool.

Custom/hidden pools


The epitome of new swimming pool design and technology, hidden pools allows for a pool to appear and disappear in and from your floor at the push of a button. This classy pool is extremely safe and doesn’t take up any floor space when not in use.

A Cool design, which is built of concrete with the longterm in mind, requires less maintenance and water treatment can be installed indoors or outdoor, but at a cost. This makes it perfect for owners who wish to retain the floor space yet own a pool.

Spa pools


These tend to be more like large bath tubs with a focus on rest and relaxation than swimming, but a pool nonetheless. Made of concrete or fibreglass, these pools can be built anywhere indoors or outdoors, on your patio in the backyard. Often rigged with decor and features like water jets and heaters, this is what you’re looking for if you’re just out to chill

Contact us now to find out more about the different pool designs and what suits you best!

From conception to construction, let us be the builders of your vision.