Swimming Pool Deck Cleaning Singapore

What Makes Your Pool Enjoyable?

Nothing, besides clean pool water, is a more inviting image than a pool deck. It’s furniture and features , opening up the sunny day to a variety of recreational poolside activities, such as an outdoor barbecue with fun and food, and frankly. It’s just a lovely view.

On the other hand, a dirty, ill-maintained pool deck is simply a turn off. While pool decks are do not at all require cleaning and maintaining as regularly as swimming pools, they should not be neglected as well.

It is recommended for homeowners to get a good clean at least twice a year and obviously more for public or commercial pool decks.

After all, the last thing we want to do after a nice refreshing swim is to get out of the pool and onto a bunch of twigs, dead leaves, soil and moss on the pool deck. Why would you let that happen?

Pool Deck Cleaning Is Vital!

While cleaning and maintaining pool decks seems like a daunting task, and while relatively simple, it is tedious and one has to be thorough and pay close attention to detail.

This is especially so when pool decks, in comparison to swimming pools, are not as regularly cleaned and maintained every year.

Different pool decks of different materials will also require different methods of cleaning and maintaining. All of which our professional staff of cleaners, contractors, and technicians and well versed and skilfully competent in.

Be It Concrete Or Wooden Deck Floor…

For example, deck floors made of concrete and wood require different treatment and procedures. Concrete and brick floors are porous surfaces, meaning dirt can easily get trapped in it, making them difficult to be removed and cleaned. This explains why your concrete deck has grown darker over the year, or why you can’t seem to get rid of dirt and stains without water and intense scrubbing.

To wash them off, we use a variety of methods besides the basic scrub. These include using pressure sprays and deck cleaners to wash off the stubborn dirt, moss and mildew build up to restore what has become a dull, mossy floor. We also use moss and algae killers, and environmentally friendly oxygen bleach to remove tougher stains as we feel that cleaning your deck shouldn’t come at the cost of damaging your beautiful pool deck furniture, garden landscape and features.

Wooden decks, on the other hand tend to be more delicate and prone to stubborn moss and algae build up. Rust removal from bolts in the structure is also needed. Bleach and other corrosive or acidic products should be used with greater caution than on concrete when removing to prevent damage to the wood finish, colour, structure and surfaces.

After all, we are here to maintain, fix, and prevent damage, not to cause any more. Instead, our general use of products focus more on the use of vacuuming, moss and algae killers, pressure washing, and a good old scrub. Degreasers are also used to get rid of those nasty grease stains from your last backyard pool party.

The Value Proposition…

Unlike some of our competitors, see it as our duty to do more than just clean and maintain, but to also provide solutions that would make your job easier, more economical, or longer lasting. After all, we are all part of the pool owning community.

We also treat your floor by applying a sealer after cleaning. Sealing makes your deck surfaces less porous and thus less susceptible to problems like stains and moss in the long run.

Call us to find out more about  our pool deck cleaning services and solutions and experience clean pool furniture, features and decks, today!

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