Swimming Pool Cleaning

If you own a home in Singapore there are few items in that home which will provide you with more fun and relaxation than the swimming pool in your backyard. The days here can get so hot it is nice to be able to just walk out your back door so you and your family can hop in your swimming pool and quickly cool off. All of that nice Singapore weather does come with a few drawbacks as far as your swimming pool is concerned though. It makes it tougher to clean because warm weather eats up your chemicals quicker and the hotter it is the higher the bather load usually is in your swimming pool too. Her are a few helpful tips to make keeping your swimming pool water crystal clear a little easier.

Make everyone take a shower

Those signs that say “everyone must shower before entering the pool” that you see at public pools are there for a reason. Every bit of dirt, sweat, sun tan oils and the like that you don’t shower off will end up in your swimming pool and create big problems with your water chemistry and filter system.

Get ‘Fido’ their own little pool

It’s great that you love your pet so much you want them to cool off on a hot summer day too but get them their own little plastic pool to do it in. A furry animal such as a dog will trap so much dirt and contaminants in their hair that it equivalent to having an extra ‘50’ bathers when they swim in your pool.

Don’t just balance the chlorine

Make it your business to balance all the major chemicals in your pool. Most test kits and test strips that are made for testing pool water these days have 5 readouts on them for a reason. Professional pool services will often test even more things. They do it because PH, Alkalinity and the other tests on each strip are just as important to your water balance as is the chlorine level in your pool.

Keep up the proper maintenance on your filtration system

Cleaning your filter system periodically is every bit as important as cleaning the dirt out of your swimming pool. After all, your filter is one of the main components for getting dirt and other contaminants out of your pool water.

Close the pool after a fecal accident

If you have small children or your friends do then you really should not let them swim in your pool without a diaper on and plastic shorts over it. There is nothing that will spread diseases like E coli faster than contact with “poo” that has gotten in your swimming pool water. If this happens call a professional pool cleaning service company to take care of it for you or close your pool and super sanitize it overnight.

Take our advice here and do these things with your swimming pool and any attached spa. It will make taking care of it much easier and will help you enjoy it even more too.