SPA Pool Maintenance Singapore

Your SPA Pool Has Lost It’s Shine & Less Efficient?

Are you looking for a solution for your spa pool maintenance needs?

We understand that there can be a myriad of problems that can happen to your spa pool. You may be familiar with pool aging, clogged filters and dirty bathtub surfaces. Not forgetting some other crucial aspects like malfunctioning pool heaters and pool pumps.

These individual systems work cohesively and inter-dependently to provide your spa pool users with a relaxing and pleasant experience. Even if one of these systems are out of order, the entire experience for your customer will be compromised.

Lost Of What To Do?

Looking for the experience provider to readily solve any of these maintenance problems for you, should they surface? Here at Pool Maintenance Singapore, we want to provide the best experience for your spa pool users.

Spa users seek spa services mainly to unwind and to let off some steam in a relaxing and calm environment. A heaven and refuge from the stresses of the outside world. Therefore, we are committed to upkeep your spa to provide these users with the best rejuvenating spa experience round the clock.

Beware Of SPA Bacteria !

We cannot imagine your spa users having to stand the sight of a stained jacuzzi, sand and other remnant particles in the pool or even triggering health issues due to contaminated and bacteria-filled water. It would ultimately ruin their spa experience. Fret not, we have the solution for you!

Cleaning & Sterilising

Spa pool cleaning consists of balancing, sterilising and cleaning the pool to remove bacteria, dirt and unwanted chemicals to provide the optimum healthy conditions for your spa users.


A balanced pool is a well-chlorinated pool. Not too much, not too little, but just right. We know the perfect combination and amount of chlorine to be dissolved in your pool so that the pH of your pool will be perfect. If the pool water is imbalanced, the chlorine will be unable to kill the germs and bacteria to its maximum effect.  The pH environment cannot be too alkaline or acidic in order to protect users’ eyes and skin as well as prevent corrosion on the walls and lining of your spa pool.

Having a well balanced pool can also help you save on the service and repair costs of your pool as well!

Pool Filters Replacement

Pool Maintenance Singapore also specialises in the installation and replacement of pool filters, pool heaters and pool pumps.

Filtration of the pool helps to filter out larger sized particles such as sand, so that the pool will be cleaner, clearer and will run a lesser risk of water contamination. We have both sand, cartridge and DE filters available to suit your pool needs.

Pool Pump Maintenance

The pool pump also plays an integral role in maintaining the quality of water by keeping the water in constant motion so that algae and bacteria is hindered from growing on pool surfaces.

Pool Heaters

Last but definitely, the pool heaters help to regulate the temperature of the water- an essential for any spa temperature pools. You can ensure that your spa user will be enjoying and relaxing in a pool of warm water.

Should he prefer a colder temperature pool, you could also install our pool coolers that are also available to you.

Why Pool Maintenance Singapore?

We only employ experienced professionals and you can rest assured knowing that the condition of your pool is in our good hands. We conduct review from our customers regarding our services after each job. We take the valuable feedback seriously so that we can better improve our service for all of our customers.