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Sauna bath interior design

The typical sauna is a small, insulated wood-linen room that contains benches, a waterproof floor, a heater, and a door that opens out so as not to use up valuable floor space inside the sauna. A door that swings out is also a safety precaution because it allows someone outside to help someone who passes out and falls against the door.

Build Your Own Sauna Room ?

You can build your own sauna, but a number of manufacturers sell complete unit that you can assemble in your home. You can find small unit 2 person sauna or larger unit which can fit seven to eight person.

Although saunas are available in variety of sizes, most units are 7 feet high, allowing the to fit in any interior space. A two-person sauna measures 4 x 4 feet, while 4-person model measures about 5 x 7 feet, with 2 levels of benches.

Precut Kit and Prefabricated Saunas

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Sauna bath for 1 person

A sauna kit is usually shipped in individual pieces and includes precut lumber for the walls and ceiling, lumber for benches, and a door. Kits usually contain materials for the interior of the sauna only. You must insulate, frame, and build the exterior unit.

Prefabricated saunas are complete units with interior and exterior. As with sauna kits, heaters are often part of the package but sometimes must be purchased separately.

Who Should Not Use A Sauna

Sauna can increase circulation and heart rates, pregnant woman and anyone with heart problems should consult a doctor beforehand. Children should never use a sauna unless an adult is present.

Do not use a sauna after drinking alcohol or after a heavy meal. The combination of heat and alcohol could make you fall asleep. Also, the increase in heat can interfere with normal digestion.

Sauna room installation is not an easy task, you should engage a professional builder to perform the job for you.