Private Swimming Pool Design

If you are thinking about putting a new swimming pool at your home then you want to make sure it’s a swimming pool that is functional in the ways you want to use it and that it fits in nicely with your home and landscaping. That is why the design of your swimming pool is so important and needs to be done right.

After all, a swimming pool at your Singapore home is not something that you can simply switch out if you are unhappy with it after it’s built; you are pretty much stuck with it unless you want to spend a small fortune replacing it.

That is why you want to have your swimming pool designed by a company like us that has been leaving smiles on our Singapore customers’ faces both after they see the pool design we have created for them and after they see the finished swimming pool. We have been satisfying Singapore pool owners for years with the unique and creative pool designs we offer.

Main Considerations for Any Swimming Pool Design

·         Bather Load/Pool Size

Designing a pool to meet your needs properly will have to consider how many people will be using the pool on a regular basis. A private pool for you and your significant other with no children can be smaller in size but that will not work if you like to entertain many family and friends. So tell us or whoever else you have design your pool your intended bather load on a regular basis.

·         Shape of the Pool and Your yard

You don’t want to build something like an S-shaped swimming pool if you and your family love to play volleyball in the pool. That is why shape becomes a big factor in any pool design that is done for you. A swimming pool that is round does not fit the motif and landscaping of every Singapore backyard and likewise a Lazy-L shaped pool might just be an eyesore in a backyard that has several angles in it. So be sure to consider the shape of the swimming pool and the shape of your back yard when having your pool designed.

·         Yard Size

Simply put, you have to have enough room in your yard to put the size and shape of pool you want in there. There are also code restrictions and other Singapore City zoning laws to consider too. All these factors must be considered when you are having your swimming pool designed.

Why Choose Us To Design Your New Singapore Swimming Pool?

swimming pool design and construction

swimming pool design and construction

Your search for a swimming pool designer is over because you have just found a swimming pool company that features one of the most outstanding design staffs you will find in the Singapore area. We have been satisfying customers for several years running now.

We are experts at taking the swimming pool idea you have in your head and making it come to life in the design we do for you. Our expert designers will help you with suggestions and insights that their many years of pool design experience have taught them too.

Make no mistake about it, we offer the best Singapore swimming pool design services for your private home, business or hotel. We make designing swimming pools into an art form.