Pool Repair Services - Tiles Crack , Water Leaking, Decking Issue

Swimming Pool Repair Service

New pool owners often mistake evaporation for leaking pool. They see the water level drop quickly and figure there must be a leak. Dropping water level could actually be caused by evaporation, and there is a simple test you can perform to find out.

Assuming the visible plumbing isn’t leaking and there are no small streams flowing out of the equipment pack, conduct the evaporation or bucket test.

Compare the water levels against the mark you made. If the difference between the new waterline and the marks are about the same on the bucket and the side of the pool, evaporation is causing the water loss. If the level in the pool dropped by a larger margin, there is a leak somewhere in the system.

underwater pool repairs

As with any type of construction, most leaks occur where two different materials join one another. A pool service technician will begin looking for leak along the tile border, where the ladder is bolted to the side of the pool, and around the drain, inlets, and lights.

Pool dealers stock a variety of repair materials, including patching plasters and vinyl, fiberglass, and acrylic repair kits. If you are attempting repairs on your own, be sure to check with the manufacturer of vinyl or fiberglass pools to make sure that the products you choose will work on your pool.

Most repairs require draining the pool to the leak. There is a plaster patching method that lets you work underwater, but it takes some practice and should be left to someone with experience. Plan on draining vinyl and fiberglass pools and acrylic spas to patch leaks. These repairs are easier to make and usually involve drying area, cleaning it, roughing up the surface, applying some type of bonding agent, and then applying the patch.