Outdoor Swimming Pool Cleaning

If you have lived in Singapore long enough you know that it is a complex environment to take care of a swimming pool in. Numerous hot, humid days with abundant sunshine can wreak havoc on a swimming pool’s sensitive water chemistry. Not to mention that during the rainy season periods of heavy acid rain coming down are can be a nightmare when it comes to trying to balance your pool’s water chemistry.

Commercial & Residential Pool

So what is a Singapore commercial or residential pool owner supposed to do? Many choose to hire a professional swimming pool service company to help take care of their swimming pools. If you choose to do this too, then you will find no better company in Singapore to do your pool maintenance work than us.

Certified Professionals Serving You !

We have been satisfying both private home and commercial swimming pool owners, including public swimming pool cleaning, in the Singapore area for many years now. Our certified technicians are well trained on the latest and best pool water care techniques and are also experts at running and maintaining your swimming pools delicate filtration system.

We make it our business to not only do an excellent job keeping your pool clean but also to provide you with a great customer service experience too.

Our Commitment & What We Can Bring Yo You :

Here are the benefits to having your residential or commercial swimming pool in Singapore maintained by us:

  • The swimming pool and any attached spas are always clean when you are ready to use them

Swimming pools are meant to be used and no one wants to get in a dirty one. We arrive early in the day and get our pool service work done promptly so your swimming pool and hot tubs are cleaned, sanitized and ready to use when you are ready to take a dip in them.

  • There is more that goes into taking care of a swimming pool than just cleaning

Cleaning the pool is only part of what you get with a pool maintenance contract with us. We will also keep your filter media clean so it works great and keep all your pool filtration equipment in top working order too.

  • We have sophisticated water analysis tools and access to a variety of cleaning chemicals

Most regular test kits for swimming pool water only analyze a few basic properties of your pool water. Our technicians carry test kits that measure a wide spectrum of your pool water’s properties. We not only ensure your water is properly sanitized but that it will also be highly resistant to turning green or becoming to cloudy to swim in it. In the event your kids “poo” accidently gets in your pool we know how to treat that situation too so as to avoid any health issues.

  • Peace-of-mind/Time savings

Your swimming pool environment is not the only thing that benefits from having us as the swimming pool contractor that takes care of it for you; you yourself will benefit from it to. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your pool is sanitized properly, clean and well looked after. Not to mention you will spend less time cleaning your pool and have more time to pay attention to more important tasks.

We Strive To Exceed Your Expection..

We are one of Singapore’s most reputable and sought after swimming pool maintenance companies. So give us a call and see how we can make owning your swimming pool much more care free and enjoyable.