Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Pool Filters

The main purpose of filtering swimming pool water is to improve the water’s hygiene and aesthetic qualities. And second reason of the swimming pool filtration system is to keep the pool water clean and clean.

All the different types of pool filters are manufactured for the removal of airborne dirt and leaves, organic matter introduced by bathers and other organisms such as bacteria and algae. This mechanical entrapping process is achieved through different techniques.

There are a number of methods of water filtration, each with varying degrees of effectiveness, and varying cost. The common filters for swimming pool water filtration are as follows:

Septrum filters

Granular media filters

Function of Filters

Filters perform the final step in removing by entrapping any dirt and debris which escaped or by-passed the skimmer or lint filter from pool water. Filtration is made easier with regular addition of coagulating chemicals. These chemicals cause flocculation so that organic matters could precipitate.

Concept of Filtration

Filtration is a process that consists of passing a solid-liquid mixture through a porous material ( filter) which retains the solids and allows the liquid (filtrate) to pass through. In water filtration, the matter to be removed includes suspended silt, clay, colloids and micro-organisms including algae, bacteria, viruses. The particles to be removed have approximate sizes as follows:

Silt : 50 microns

Bacteria : 3 – 5 microns

Colloids : less than 5 microns

Any particles which remains undissolved in a liquid is called suspended solids.Filtration is a method of solid-liquid suspension. Selection of the specific process or combined processes for the removal of suspended solids from water depends on :

  1. the character of the solids
  2. their concentration
  3. the required filtrate clarity

Very large and heavy solids can be removed by a simple bar screen or strainer. Fine solids may require both sedimentation and filtration, usually aided by chemical treatment.