Indoor Swimming Pool Design

Access Pool At Your Convenient

Ever wanted to go for a relaxing and rejuvenating swim at an outdoor swimming pool, only to step out of the changing room to be met with a shower and a lightning risk that prohibits you from swimming? Perhaps you want to swim in the comfort of your backyard- it suddenly starts to pour and the water suddenly turns cold.

What Comes To Your Mind?

While many would frown upon such a circumstance at an outdoor pool, this problem can be easily eradicated by building an indoor swimming pool! If you are considering on building and constructing a pool today- whether for commercial or personal usage, look no further than an indoor pool. At Pool Maintenance Singapore, we are your one-stop solution from the birth to the maturation of your indoor pool.

Why an indoor pool?

As aforementioned, your pool will be usable all-year round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter rain or shine. Outdoor swimming pools are not able to be utilised when there is a lightning risk present due to the possibility of a lightning strike electrocuting the pool users.

Indoor pools are completely insulated from this risk as the lightning strike can be absorbed by a lightning rod and the deadly current can be channelled safely into the earth.

This means safe and all-round availability of the pool for a swim. In addition, as the pool is not exposed to the elements, we are able to create a controlled environment for your pool users.

Temperature Control

Keeping a pool’s temperature warmer, around 25-28 degrees celsius is the optimum temperature for your users. It provides a sense of comfort as well as enables athletes’ to perform better.

Having an ice-cold pool can cause cardiac arrest, irregular heart beats and can cause a rapid fall in body temperature, which increases the risk of getting chills and falling sick.

We want to create the best indoor swimming pool to be a perfect fit for the profile of your users.

Contemporary,Creative Professional Design

Be it a competition arena, a jacuzzi spa with a sauna, an aesthetically enhanced mosaic pool, we have a team of professional architects, designers and contractors working in tandem to present you with endless possibilities and ideas for your pool. The architecture and interior designs will all be discussed thoroughly with you and our team of professionals will advise you along the way to birthing your dream indoor pool.

Our team handles all aspects of the construction- from the lighting on the roof and in the pool, the furniture around the pool deck, the bathrooms and even the service and repair of your pool in the long run. We believe in quality service for the long term.

Why Pool Maintenance Singapore? We are the company that looks out solely for the wellness, cost-effectiveness and satisfaction of our customers. The one-stop solution to all your swimming pool problems and needs.

We are there from the moment your idea is birthed on a blueprint, to the placing of the first tile and even when the tile cracks and needs to be replaced. We will stand by our work ethic and continue to strive for the highest standards of quality for you.