Indoor Swimming Pool Cleaning

It is great if you own an enclosed swimming pool at your Singapore home or patronize a public pool that is located indoors. It means you no longer have to worry about such things as cold or rainy weather. You can now swim every day throughout the year.

Indoor Don’t Need Maintenance? True or False?

We would like to dispel a common misconception among indoor swimming pool owners and operators that pools located inside a building don’t need as much maintenance as a swimming pool located outdoors. That is hardly the case and their maintenance needs are much more complex than people realize.

While it is true that indoor swimming pools have maintenance advantages over outdoor swimming pools because they are not exposed to as much sunlight (which greatly affects pool water chemistry) and they also do not get as much wind blowing dirt and other debris into them; they are still anything but maintenance free.

As a matter of fact, they have more maintenance needs in some areas than outdoor pools do. That is why so many indoor pool owners and public indoor pools hire pool service companies like us to take care of their indoor pools in Singapore.

Why indoor or enclosed pools can be harder to take care of than outdoor swimming pools:

  • Bather Load

It stands to reason that enclosed pools and indoor pools often get more use because they can be used both day and night. They also are not affected by colder temperatures or adverse weather conditions. This means more bathers on a regular basis which is the number one thing that impacts water chemistry balance.

  • Warmer temperatures

Outdoor pools go through cycles where the weather is hot and cold at different times. That is not the case with indoors pools because they are in a controlled environment that is kept warm all year round. It is a known fact that bacteria and other organic matter that affect pool chemistry grow faster in a warmer environment.

  • Humidity

Another byproduct of a controlled indoor pool environment is that the moisture that goes into the air often has no place to go. This means that it collects on tile floors, walls and on the ceilings of the indoor pool facility.

Moisture collecting on surfaces often breeds organic matter, molds and bacteria which can eventually end up in the swimming pool water and can cause more pool water chemistry headaches which a professional service company like us is better prepared to deal with.

  • Misunderstanding

We already mentioned that owners and operators of indoor pools get a false sense of security as far as the maintenance of their swimming pools is concerned because they are located indoors. As a result of this, indoor pools don’t always get the routine maintenance that they require either.

What is the solution to properly taking care of your indoor pool maintenance needs?

As with all tasks knowledge is the key and our swimming pool service personnel are highly trained and educated on proper indoor pool maintenance requirements and water chemistry balancing.

That is the reason why so many indoor pool owners contract with us to do the maintenance on their fully enclosed swimming pools.

There simply is no better company than us in the Singapore area at maintaining indoor pool water chemistry and keeping the water in them sparkling clean at all times.