DE Filter Maintenance

DE is a fine white powder. This medium is literally a structure of small, rigid, porous particles piled one upon the other to form a fine screen.

The diatomaceous earth filter may be either a closed vessel which operates under pressure, or it may be an open tank from which the water is drawn under vacuum to pump suction. In either case the system comprise a tank to receive unfiltered water from pool, a septum to support the filter cake, and a pipe or manifold to collect filtered water from the septum tank and than passed it to the swimming pool distribution system.

In the case of the pressure type system, a crock or tank for pre-coating the filter is attached either to the filter itself or the adjacent piping.They are many shapes, sizes and design configurations since there is a great deal of latitude with respect to septum design and collector piping arrangements.

All DE filters are equipped with septums ( often referred to as the filter elements) or devices upon which the DE powder is collected in its cake form. The septum may be a cylindrical tube or a wafer-like structure covered with a plastic or metal fabric of sufficiently fine weave to collect the filter cake.

Backwash the DE filters when running pressure increased by between 8-10 PSI higher than the original starting pressure. Switch off the pump, turn the multi-port valve to “backwash” position, then switch on the pump to reverse the flow of water within the filter.

Filter pressure reading will increase as it removes dirt from the pool. However, this buildup of pressure will vary due to different brands, bathing loads, temperature, weather conditions etc.

The backwash water from the filters will be piped to a holding tank before it could be discharge into the sewerage.