Cartridge Filter for Swimming Pool and SPAs

Pool Cartridge Filter Maintenance and Repair

Cartridge filter seems to be the preferred choice for small ponds, as well as spas. It is not found in use for large pools. Cartridge filters can trap particles down to 25 microns.

A fine mesh pleaded material makes up the cartridge. The cartridge filter assembly could hold one or more cartridge placed in a tank. The water flows through the filter media where the particles get trapped and accumulate on the surface of the cartridge media, and increase the pressure in the tank.

When the pressure gauge shows pressures about 8 – 10 psi over the clean reading, it is time to pull out the cartridge from the tank, and washed it, as opposed to backwashing it, like in the DE or sand filters. However, every time the filter is washed, its cleaning ability, and therefore life, is reduced.

Like with the DE filter, the filtering capacity of the cartridge filter is a function of the surface area of the filtering media, which in turn it is a function of size, and number of pleads and folds in the cartridge. Cartridge should be changed every 1 to 3 years, depending on the use characteristics.